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 English Fun & Games

Websites to help you improve your English.

10 tips and tricks to help you learn English.

  1. Do you like listening to music?  Why not learn your favourite song in English.

  2. Do you watch a lot of films?  Try switching the language to English and have Swedish subtitles.

  3. Speak in English whenever you get the chance.  

  4. Read a book in English.  There are plenty at Storå bibliotek.

  5. Listen to your favourite book in English.  There are lots of web sites where you can listen to audio books.

  6. Ask questions.  If you are not sure about something - ask me or ask a friend.

  7. Not sure how to use a word in a sentence.  Go to Word Reference (button above) and type in your word.  This site will translate your word into Swedish and give you examples of the word in a sentence.

  8. Do you love playing computer games?  Most of your favourtites are probably in English.  If not can you change the language to English?

  9. Need to learn new words?  Try writing them on post it notes and place them around your room. 

  10. Don't give up!  Everyone is different and learns in different ways.  Keep trying and you will get there. 

Fun & Games

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