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March 6th - 12th 2022

portugal flag map.png

March 2022.  4 students and two teachers, from Storåskolan, made the journey from Storåskolan to Arlanda airport

and then to Lisbon.  This is a day to day account of their trip.


 The students arrived at school with their parents at 08:30 on a bright and sunny Sunday morning.

The students: Thea, Mathilda, Hannez and Kevin all seemed excited for their adventure.  Anders and Nic reassured the parents that everything would be ok. 

After a long drive to Arlanda airport, we were all happy to stretch our legs and get some food.  Max Burger worked well for everyone.  Then it was off to check-in.  The queue was very long and it took quite a while to get everyone checked-in.  Then we headed to security.

After a long, hot walk we arrived at our gate and we were ready for take off!.

When we arrived in Portugal, we collected our bags and headed outside.  Our host  Paulo Torcato and his son came to meet us and drdive us to our hotel.  We took a short tour first and saw the school we would be visiting tomorrow.

We were all relieved to get to our rooms.  Unfortunately the girls quickly got themselves locked out of their room.  Nic went to get a new keycard.   A short while later the girls locked themselves out again.  Nic went to get another keycard!  

We decided to head out for some dinner and contacted the other schools to see if any would like to join us.  Spain were more than happy to meet up and we all headed to KFC.  The students found it difficult at first but were soon swapping snapchats and tiktoks.  Then it was back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Day 1. 


Leaving Storåskolan

Waiting for Paulo

outside Lisbon airport.

Team Spain

Day 2

After a goodnights sleep the students were ready for breakfast.  We all headed downstairs wearing our facemasks.  Breakfast was a mixture of pastrys and bread.  There was juice to drink and tea and coffee.

At 8:30 am all of the schools assembled in the entrace to be met by paulo and make the short walk to school together.

The school was very close to the hotel and much bigger than Storåskolan.  It is nicknamed the rainbow school as each building is painted a different colour of the rainbow.

The day began with a quick team building activity.  All of the students were split into groups and given 5 minutes to learn evryone's name and the country they came from.  This was tough!  All of the students neede to speak English and many of them felt shy.  After a second attempt the groups finally learnt each others names and then the tasks began. 


Challenge 1:  Program the robot to go to a colour, the letter of the same colour and the animal of the same colour.  The first team had Blue.  Each students in the group was allowed to press one button.  The students needed to work together to enable the robot to move to each square in the correct order.  Once on the square the robot needed to make a sound.  

Some groups found the task quite simple whilst others struggled.  This was mostly due to how much they communicated with each other.  

The students and teachers were then taken on a short tour of the school.  The school has a lot of art work on display and all of it was made by the students themselves.

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